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I took Modos RPG for another test-run, this time in the monthly mini-con!

The system was taking on its greatest challenge yet: emulating Skyrim! And there were a number of changes made:
- Racial powers.
Each character was granted a time or daily-limited power, which mostly took the form of spells that dealt no caster damage, or special types of protection.
- Healing rates.
Natural healing, outside of combat, was greatly accelerated. As in Skyrim, you gain all your Health back (physical health) in no more than three minutes.
- Power attacks.
Each character had the liberty to use the special move perk for free.
- Lockpicking.
To emulate Skyrim locks, each lock used its physical max damage as max progress, and successful larceny contests dealt d4 or d6 (depending on lockpick quality) progress points to the lock. A failed contest resulted in a broken lockpick.

And that’s to say nothing of all the converted NPCs: draugr, bandits, frost spiders….ew! Anyway, despite most players needing a tutorial on arrival, we had a great time, and are planning to do it again!

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