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Breaks and Beginnings

Whew! My head’s whirling from two big things: finishing the METROID module, and dreaming up campaign setting ideas. Taking a break from rules-writing seems like the best thing to do, and switching over to campaign/adventure writing.

So, Dark Amulet is on indefinite hold. Probably to be finished on a long weekend in the woods somewhere.

But I’ll still be writing, and spreading the good word. I’m thinking of a Survivor-style online game, where someone gets voted off the island each month – or when they miss a session. Keep an eye out for it on Roll20, and don’t miss your chance to make (campaign) history.

METRO In Detail: new module!

The Modular Exoskeleton Trans-Responsive Outfit, In Detail (or METROID) rules module is available on ENworld. Not really any hard-rules changes in it, but lots of good advice for running a space-video-game-style RPG. I threw in the full 1.4 rules catalog anyway. Check it out here:

What the heck is going on with Modos RPG?

Hey! Thanks for stopping in. If it looks like I took the summer off, well, that’s only partially true. Since Modos 1.4 is the most stable version to-date, I’m letting it stand on its own for a while.

However, that doesn’t mean that the web has stopped growing. I have two modules in the works: one is a Metroid rules module, for running PCs through alien environments and blowing things up, and the larger project is a Gauntlet conversion called Dark Amulet. The latter is designed to be a fast-play-dungeon-crawl, with treasure, danger, and some spontaneous elements. Since Metroid is smaller and getting more attention right now, you can expect to see that first. Dark Amulet is not a rules overhaul, but contains enough changes to create a slightly different feel of play (like being GM-less).

Look for the Metroid module by the end of August, and Dark Amulet by September or, eerily enough, Halloween!

1.4 Implemented

Good news for those of you who haven’t yet dropped your Modos RPG rules into Excel: the Rules Catalog on this site now has the 1.4 rules modded into the 1.3 rules.

Merry Christmas!

For those of you who wanted a smoother-running game to play, rules update 1.4 is now available. Follow the link from the Wiki page, happy gaming, and happy holidays!


This year, I’m thankful to have released the third version of my favorite roleplaying game! But as these things come and go, I have sad news: version 1.3 is about to expire.

In its place: version 1.4! This is represented by my…second official rules module, and just like version 1.3, it will be free to all. I realize that digital information doesn’t look so hot under the Christmas tree, but I’m expecting to have the rules module available by Christmas.

Happy gaming!

Update Update

New sections on player agency, how the dice work, and awarding hero points. And that’s just the GM chapter…

I’m happy to say that the Counters section is being superseded by a new initiative chart that will make combat a breeze. Of course, the initiative chart will require a sheet of paper or window, where the counters did not.

Upcoming rules patch

The game’s getting a workover, but gameplay won’t change much. You will hopefully feel a general smoothing of the bumps. There will also be some focus on increasing the details used in storytelling, and including players in that process. So, more imagination. And a handful of demos to help you get a better feel for how things work, before you start playing with your group.

What spell subsystem?

The streamlining continues. The cover rules for spells were bulky and confusing. I tossed them out. Now, what a spell can hit is determined by its range.

A Close range spell can hit just about anything to which it has a direct, unobstructed line: from offensive posture to offensive posture. "+ 4 difficulty.

A Short range spell can hit targets further away, or those with a little bit of cover. Read: offensive or defensive enemies. 0 difficulty.

A Medium range spell can hit targets who are out of combat, or those who would otherwise be very difficult to hit. -4 difficulty.

A Long range spell can affect just about anything – see Rule Zero for clarification. -8 difficulty.


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