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We can’t have a thriving, free alternative to corporate roleplaying, online marketplaces without a hub for sharing the Modos community’s works of art. I’m thinking that this site might work for that. Due to limited file hosting, I won’t be able to upload everyone’s modules here. However, I can pretty easily create posts for everyone and anyone’s files, and provide links to those documents. The Tags feature on this site should make it pretty easy to search for the modules you want, and I think that the comments sections should provide ample space for user feedback.

But…I’m open to suggestions!

Happy Free RPG Day

‘Tis the season for giving – sweat as it happens. It’s really hot here. But, it’s Free RPG Day, so I’ve uploaded the Modos 2 Fast Play Rules to Grab your free copy and have a blast! Full game to be released before Summer ends.

Leave Now and No Harm Will Befall You
The Mist Dragon

First pass at the mist dragon:

Dragon, mist 9
In misty valleys, behind waterfalls, and sometimes cloudy mountaintops, these dragons live solitary lives. They don’t use their wings to fly; they use them to spread fog clouds to where they’re needed. Mist dragons use Fire 3 to deliver scorching-hot vapor, Alter 1 to turn into harmless clouds of mist, and Fog 3 to cover their retreat. Goal: protect a sanctuary. Flaw: honor-bound to its agreements.
P 8 (11), M 12, MP 16
Skills: magic (alter 1) +11 (1), magic (fire 3) +0 (4), magic (fog 3) +0 (4)
Perks: bonus action (magic), mystic ward, mana x2 (max MP damage 24), weapon training (claws), tough x2 (max P damage 16), sleepless, fearless
Gear: dragon hide d8 (-3 PP), dragon claws d6, mystic ward d4

In space, no one can hear you scream

This alien is looking pretty scary:

Alien, bioweapon 8
A genetically designed creature, with black, slimy skin and a long, bony tail. The alien reacts to close range enemy attacks with a natural attack (acid spray), and uses the special move perk to add damage to its inner jaw attack. Goal: kill every living thing. Flaw: ill tempered, runs away when it takes damage. Otherwise, perfect being.
P 18, M 14, MP 6
Skills: detect +5 (3), movement +6 (2), unarmed +7 (3)
Perks: cat’s eye, martial artist, armor training (natural), weapon training (natural), bonus action (unarmed), bonus action (movement), special move, off the mark
Gear: inner jaw d8 (medium, close), natural attack (claws, bite, acid spray) d8, tough hide d6

Come with me if you want to live

I’ve decided that 5 is a good level for a terminator. It’s a little vulnerable to machine gun fire, but what isn’t?

Cyborg 5
A flesh-covered android that specializes in terminating people. Goal: follow prime directive. Flaw: single-minded.
P 17, M 12, MP 6
Skills: armed +4 (1), scientist +3 (2), detect +3 (2)
Perks: owl’s eye, sleepless, martial artist, armor training (natural), bonus action (parry)
Gear: armored hide d6, robo-hands d6

ROAR - Sapphire Dragon

I’m designing the first dragon for Modos 2. Possibly the only one; I’m trying to keep the book slim and trim so readers will have lots of room to mod.

I started at level 10, so it would be “epic,” and realized that level 10 is a good starting level for baby dragons. Now I’m up to 15…let’s see how it goes!

Sapphire Dragon 15
This dragon’s scales seem almost blue, but that might just be the reflection of the sky as it swoops down to eat you. Goal: to rule its countryside domain and protect its young from mankind. Flaw: takes double damage from heat sources.
P 17, M 12, MP 16
Skills: ?
Perks: mystic ward, ?

Gear: …

Here Comes the Big One

Power of the day:

Summon Gargantua
Range: medium
Target: multi
D/M: -13/yes
Effect: a huge creature approaches and changes the environment, potentially affecting postures, actions requiring movement, and all characters in conflict.
Half: no defense (but to flee)!

This is what fear looks like

I’m penning in the new version’s powers alphabetically, and for some reason, Fear is the first one to really grab my imagination. Here’s the first level version:

Fear 1
Range: close
Target: single
D/M: +3/yes
Effect: if the target is in a non-defensive posture, it can use actions only for defense against this power, to move to defensive posture, or to flee conflict. In defensive posture, the target may act normally.
Half: (M) no effect.

Sounds scary, right? Well, not really. But its uses are what make it cool. It could be a force field, pushing larger things (opponents) away from the user. It could be divine energy, keeping evil creatures at bay (maybe with the help of a hero point), or it could be a simple fear spell, tearing at your opponent’s psyche until she can’t stand being near you. The third level version (Fear 3) affects multiple targets, creating a better sphere-of-protection image than the first level version.

What about repelling projectiles? Well, there’s the Armor 1 power…

Feeling like a Wizard

Despite having only seven top-tier power ideas, I just finished writing up the base game’s spellbook, er, power list. Four (almost five) power levels of ten powers each, increasing with difficulty, requiring more metaphysical proficiency at the highest levels, and costing more MP as you go.

And I know each of the powers. This must be what a grand wizard feels like.

Is it a Marketplace if it's Free?

This is how I’m picturing the Modos Marketplace: links. Lots and lots of links. To be more specific, I’d like to set up a blog that has sections for each type of mod and genre. Then, as mods are submitted, they get a post with a link and description. That way I don’t have to host mods, just provide access to them. And I’ll probably use the comments sections as a way to measure/indicate mod approval.


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