Modos RPG

In space, no one can hear you scream

This alien is looking pretty scary:

Alien, bioweapon 8
A genetically designed creature, with black, slimy skin and a long, bony tail. The alien reacts to close range enemy attacks with a natural attack (acid spray), and uses the special move perk to add damage to its inner jaw attack. Goal: kill every living thing. Flaw: ill tempered, runs away when it takes damage. Otherwise, perfect being.
P 18, M 14, MP 6
Skills: detect +5 (3), movement +6 (2), unarmed +7 (3)
Perks: cat’s eye, martial artist, armor training (natural), weapon training (natural), bonus action (unarmed), bonus action (movement), special move, off the mark
Gear: inner jaw d8 (medium, close), natural attack (claws, bite, acid spray) d8, tough hide d6



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