Modos RPG

This is what fear looks like

I’m penning in the new version’s powers alphabetically, and for some reason, Fear is the first one to really grab my imagination. Here’s the first level version:

Fear 1
Range: close
Target: single
D/M: +3/yes
Effect: if the target is in a non-defensive posture, it can use actions only for defense against this power, to move to defensive posture, or to flee conflict. In defensive posture, the target may act normally.
Half: (M) no effect.

Sounds scary, right? Well, not really. But its uses are what make it cool. It could be a force field, pushing larger things (opponents) away from the user. It could be divine energy, keeping evil creatures at bay (maybe with the help of a hero point), or it could be a simple fear spell, tearing at your opponent’s psyche until she can’t stand being near you. The third level version (Fear 3) affects multiple targets, creating a better sphere-of-protection image than the first level version.

What about repelling projectiles? Well, there’s the Armor 1 power…



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