Modos RPG

Leave Now and No Harm Will Befall You

The Mist Dragon

First pass at the mist dragon:

Dragon, mist 9
In misty valleys, behind waterfalls, and sometimes cloudy mountaintops, these dragons live solitary lives. They don’t use their wings to fly; they use them to spread fog clouds to where they’re needed. Mist dragons use Fire 3 to deliver scorching-hot vapor, Alter 1 to turn into harmless clouds of mist, and Fog 3 to cover their retreat. Goal: protect a sanctuary. Flaw: honor-bound to its agreements.
P 8 (11), M 12, MP 16
Skills: magic (alter 1) +11 (1), magic (fire 3) +0 (4), magic (fog 3) +0 (4)
Perks: bonus action (magic), mystic ward, mana x2 (max MP damage 24), weapon training (claws), tough x2 (max P damage 16), sleepless, fearless
Gear: dragon hide d8 (-3 PP), dragon claws d6, mystic ward d4



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