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  • A New Place for NPCs

    In Modos RPG, there is a chapter for monsters. Its a fun idea, because it saves GMs time by not having to write monsters from scratch, and it gives PCs ideas about the fights they could have in the future. However, it

  • Breakthroughs in Metaphysics

    It has been an awesome week for rules-writing! Issues seem to be resolving themselves, as I let the old rule framework shine through its rusty coat and reveal what its really made of.

    For starters, Im writing to beef up the

  • Easy as 1, 2, 3

    Writing my way through the perks chapter led to well, a lot of things, but specifically to the Spell Weaver perk. Right off the bat, it needs help because spells are now called powers to help the base rules feel a little

  • This is what fear looks like

    Im penning in the new versions powers alphabetically, and for some reason, Fear is the first one to really grab my imagination. Heres the first level version:

    Fear 1
    Range: close
    Target: single
    D/M: +3/yes<

  • Come with me if you want to live

    Ive decided that 5 is a good level for a terminator. Its a little vulnerable to machine gun fire, but what isnt?

    Cyborg 5
    A flesh-covered android that specializes in terminating people. Goal: follow prime directive.

  • In space, no one can hear you scream

    This alien is looking pretty scary:

    Alien, bioweapon 8
    A genetically designed creature, with black, slimy skin and a long, bony tail. The alien reacts to close range enemy attacks with a natural attack (acid spray), and uses the special

  • It's Taking Shape

    Signs that the first Modos 2 draft is almost complete: the new rules catalog is starting to fill up. Im hoping for fewer than 100 rules, and for a fully hyperlinked version right here in the Portal. Ill also provide a catalog that can be

  • 82 Rules

    The current number of rules in the Catalog is 82. Thats a significant reduction from version 1.4, which hopefully translates into faster gameplay. I have at least one more pass to do, and Im hoping that 82 will be the cap.

  • Christmast Presents

    Modos 2 is not already forgotten just because its available for download. In fact, Ill be spending the rest of the year preparing the deluxe version for a Christmas release date.

    What wont be in it? Experience points. But