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  • New Year's Resolution?

    A new year will obviously bring some new rules, but the question is for what are they? House rules? A rules module? A new version of Modos RPG? Defend (parry): a Pro against a Fight skill ends your opponent's turn (which also ends his temporary …

  • Additional combat training: worthwhile?

    As it stands, the Specialize perk does what Armor Training and Weapon Training do, but better. The Training perks have value; they're the only way to improve an item's progress die AFTER you've already taken Specialize. But...they still don't seem to …

  • Smaller, lighter, faster!

    Had to axe some rules today, and move the Bonus Action rule to the Extended Conflict module, where it belongs. Rules (re-) removed: Light Levels Perk Tree Perk Substitution Level Points Perk Contest Limit