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  • Bam Crack POW!

    POW should have been an attribute a long time ago.

    Now its one of six optional attributes that you can add to your Modos game with the new sample rules module: Combat Crunch. I catalogued the rules this morning,

  • On the Horizon: Adding Art

    As I was finishing my first formatting pass on Modos 2 deluxe, I was watching gameplay from Horizon: Zero Dawn in the background. (I would be playing it, but I dont have a PS4.) The unique setting has both ancient and future elements: primitive

  • Aw, He's All Growed-Up

    Another hard day of not writing any rules or copy. You know, the easy stuff? Instead, Ive been wrestling with images in Paint.net and OpenOffice, and I have a near-finished-copy image to show for it. Pretty exciting for me, anyway, because I

  • Do I hear jingle bells?

    The wait is over, although you probably werent holding your breath. Modos 2 deluxe, with more powers, modules, appendices, and eye-opening sidebars, is pending review over at DriveThruRPG. With luck, it will make it into Santas sleigh