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  • Modos 2 Free Edition - coming soon

    I wrapped up the writing/editing segment of new-book-producing a few weeks back, and was so eager to jump into the layout of the Deluxe Edition that I didnt even realize: everything needed for an updated Free Edition had been completed. So I

  • New Freebie, version 1.1

    An updated, free edition of Modos 2 is being shipped to the world right now! It has an extra appendix, some traps thrown in, and is MUCH easier on the eyes. It also acts as a sort of preview for the deluxe edition, if you

  • Let's Get BrĂ¼tale

    Free RPG Day is tomorrow, and I thought it would be nice to dismember, I mean, disseminate some free RPG material! This year, its Brtale:

    Grab your favorite exotic weapon and start