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  • Dragonborn Light

    Dragonborn Light is a rules module for Modos RPG. Plug it in to start adventuring in Skyrim, the icy northern province of Tamriel.

    The new rules convert the base rules to add features like: larger pools for Health,

  • Default Perks List

    This is the perks list from Modos 2.

    Armor Training (type)
    You know how to make the most of one type of armor. Choose a type of physical protection. With this armor, your protection level increases by one die type. For example, if mail

  • Free Powers List

    This is the default list of powers for Modos 2.

    Alter 1
    Range: close
    Target: self
    D/M: +4/yes
    Effect: you change your form or appearance into someone or something of a similar size. This power does not alter your