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  • New Year's Resolution?

    A new year will obviously bring some new rules, but the question is for what are they? House rules? A rules module? A new version of Modos RPG?

    Defend (parry): a Pro against a Fight skill ends your opponents

  • Let's Get BrĂ¼tale

    Free RPG Day is tomorrow, and I thought it would be nice to dismember, I mean, disseminate some free RPG material! This year, its Brtale:

    Grab your favorite exotic weapon and start

  • Default Powers List

    The following is the default powers list from Modos 2.

    Alter 1
    Range: close
    Target: self
    D/M: +4/yes
    Effect: you change your form or
    appearance into someone or something
    of a similar size. This power does not<