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  • When It Rains...

    An absence from the blog doesnt mean inactivity today it means that a lot has been changing. In all cases, for faster, easier rules. Here are some examples:

    Half Damage when defensive posture was modeled after Final

  • Here Comes the Big One

    Power of the day:

    Summon Gargantua
    Range: medium
    Target: multi
    D/M: -13/yes
    Effect: a huge creature approaches and changes the environment, potentially affecting postures, actions requiring movement, and all characters in

  • ROAR - Sapphire Dragon

    Im designing the first dragon for Modos 2. Possibly the only one; Im trying to keep the book slim and trim so readers will have lots of room to mod.

    I started at level 10, so it would be epic, and realized that level

  • Leave Now and No Harm Will Befall You

    First pass at the mist dragon:

    Dragon, mist 9
    In misty valleys, behind waterfalls, and sometimes cloudy mountaintops, these dragons live solitary lives. They dont use their wings to fly; they use them to spread fog clouds to where

  • A Modos Market...here?

    We cant have a thriving, free alternative to corporate roleplaying, online marketplaces without a hub for sharing the Modos communitys works of art. Im thinking that this site might work for that. Due to limited file hosting, I

  • Bam Crack POW!

    POW should have been an attribute a long time ago.

    Now its one of six optional attributes that you can add to your Modos game with the new sample rules module: Combat Crunch. I catalogued the rules this morning,

  • Aw, He's All Growed-Up

    Another hard day of not writing any rules or copy. You know, the easy stuff? Instead, Ive been wrestling with images in Paint.net and OpenOffice, and I have a near-finished-copy image to show for it. Pretty exciting for me, anyway, because I

  • Modos 2 Free Edition - coming soon

    I wrapped up the writing/editing segment of new-book-producing a few weeks back, and was so eager to jump into the layout of the Deluxe Edition that I didnt even realize: everything needed for an updated Free Edition had been completed. So I

  • New Freebie, version 1.1

    An updated, free edition of Modos 2 is being shipped to the world right now! It has an extra appendix, some traps thrown in, and is MUCH easier on the eyes. It also acts as a sort of preview for the deluxe edition, if you

  • Do I hear jingle bells?

    The wait is over, although you probably werent holding your breath. Modos 2 deluxe, with more powers, modules, appendices, and eye-opening sidebars, is pending review over at DriveThruRPG. With luck, it will make it into Santas sleigh

  • Deluxe = More Stuff!

    With about 80 powers and 15 sidebars, Modos 2 deluxe makes the free edition seemgrinch-like. Grab your copy from DriveThruRPG, available now!