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  • A New Place for NPCs

    In Modos RPG, there is a chapter for monsters. Its a fun idea, because it saves GMs time by not having to write monsters from scratch, and it gives PCs ideas about the fights they could have in the future. However, it

  • Come with me if you want to live

    Ive decided that 5 is a good level for a terminator. Its a little vulnerable to machine gun fire, but what isnt?

    Cyborg 5
    A flesh-covered android that specializes in terminating people. Goal: follow prime directive.

  • In space, no one can hear you scream

    This alien is looking pretty scary:

    Alien, bioweapon 8
    A genetically designed creature, with black, slimy skin and a long, bony tail. The alien reacts to close range enemy attacks with a natural attack (acid spray), and uses the special

  • Leave Now and No Harm Will Befall You

    First pass at the mist dragon:

    Dragon, mist 9
    In misty valleys, behind waterfalls, and sometimes cloudy mountaintops, these dragons live solitary lives. They dont use their wings to fly; they use them to spread fog clouds to where

  • Halloween Treat

    The free book is receiving its formatting pass. If you need monsters for tonights game though, here are a couple of timely ones:

    Ghost 4
    The incorporeal essence of a formerly living creature. A Disabled ghost will disappear and