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  • Dragonborn Light

    Dragonborn Light is a rules module for Modos RPG. Plug it in to start adventuring in Skyrim, the icy northern province of Tamriel.

    The new rules convert the base rules to add features like: larger pools for Health,

  • BrĂ¼tale Skills List

    The skills in this list replace the Armed skill from Modos 2, and the Unarmed skill remains unchanged. Each skill represents familiarity with a broad category of weapons that vary by size and style, but all of which have the same general type. A

  • BrĂ¼tale Perks List

    The following perks supplement the default perks list from Modos 2. They are sorted by type for ease of reference; the names do not imply special requirements for acquiring the perk (beyond what is given in the perk description). The three types are