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  • Thinking out loud on: the Specialize perk

    The specialize perk has a very short history of being the only perk to grant a bonus to skill use. It also has a short history of being significantly better than choosing to substitute your perk for a skill point. I might have a solution:


  • Thinking out loud on: Weapon Focus

    Weapon focus, the perk, is going to get some revision attention. Two reasons:

    - like attributes were, its name isnt as clear as it could be,
    - it might be more balanced, or at least more attractive, as a perk if it applied to weapon

  • Perk evolution

    Ive been looking at levels today, which led to level points (probably becoming an optional rule), which led to perks, which are almost equivalent to level points if you consider that the perk substitution rule allows you to buy anything with a