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  • This is what fear looks like

    Im penning in the new versions powers alphabetically, and for some reason, Fear is the first one to really grab my imagination. Heres the first level version:

    Fear 1
    Range: close
    Target: single
    D/M: +3/yes<

  • Here Comes the Big One

    Power of the day:

    Summon Gargantua
    Range: medium
    Target: multi
    D/M: -13/yes
    Effect: a huge creature approaches and changes the environment, potentially affecting postures, actions requiring movement, and all characters in

  • Default Powers List

    The following is the default powers list from Modos 2.

    Alter 1
    Range: close
    Target: self
    D/M: +4/yes
    Effect: you change your form or
    appearance into someone or something
    of a similar size. This power does not<