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  • GM Tools

    GMs have a lot of work and roleplaying to do. The easier their job is, the smoother the game goes. Ive talked about the GM tools in the game before, but Im thinking they deserve a quick-reference page as an appendix as well. With one, a

  • What spell subsystem?

    The streamlining continues. The cover rules for spells were bulky and confusing. I tossed them out. Now, what a spell can hit is determined by its range.

    A Close range spell can hit just about anything to which it has a direct, unobstructed

  • Smaller, lighter, faster!

    Had to axe some rules today, and move the Bonus Action rule to the Extended Conflict module, where it belongs.

    Rules (re-) removed:
    Light Levels
    Perk Tree
    Perk Substitution
    Level Points
    Perk Contest Limit

  • Breakthroughs in Metaphysics

    It has been an awesome week for rules-writing! Issues seem to be resolving themselves, as I let the old rule framework shine through its rusty coat and reveal what its really made of.

    For starters, Im writing to beef up the

  • Easy as 1, 2, 3

    Writing my way through the perks chapter led to well, a lot of things, but specifically to the Spell Weaver perk. Right off the bat, it needs help because spells are now called powers to help the base rules feel a little

  • When It Rains...

    An absence from the blog doesnt mean inactivity today it means that a lot has been changing. In all cases, for faster, easier rules. Here are some examples:

    Half Damage when defensive posture was modeled after Final

  • 82 Rules

    The current number of rules in the Catalog is 82. Thats a significant reduction from version 1.4, which hopefully translates into faster gameplay. I have at least one more pass to do, and Im hoping that 82 will be the cap.

  • Levels of Complexity

    As I was explaining the game to a new player this weekend, I was going over her character sheet and looking for sections where what-you-see isnt exactly what-you-get. Fortunately, the complexity build-up occurred in the same sequence as the five

  • Dragonborn Light

    Dragonborn Light is a rules module for Modos RPG. Plug it in to start adventuring in Skyrim, the icy northern province of Tamriel.

    The new rules convert the base rules to add features like: larger pools for Health,

  • Bam Crack POW!

    POW should have been an attribute a long time ago.

    Now its one of six optional attributes that you can add to your Modos game with the new sample rules module: Combat Crunch. I catalogued the rules this morning,

  • On the Horizon: Adding Art

    As I was finishing my first formatting pass on Modos 2 deluxe, I was watching gameplay from Horizon: Zero Dawn in the background. (I would be playing it, but I dont have a PS4.) The unique setting has both ancient and future elements: primitive

  • All our hopes are riding on thee

    Just speculating here, but I think a Dragon Warrior (1st edition) module has some potential. When you play the game, the main characters essential statistics are very simplistic:

    Hit Points
    Magic Points

  • To Break or not to Break? 'Tis the Question

    Rules. Who needs em? Oh yeah, games do. However, as a wise man named Morphius once said: some rules can be bent, others can be broken. Do you think thats air youre breathing

    I digress. A solid set of rules keeps

  • A Different Way to Use Powers

    After discussing the misty/mystical ways of the standard spell (power) rules with a player, I am eager to try my idea for the future-based Modos powers system.

    The idea is to make powers more wondrous by adding an element of chaos. Without

  • Combat Stance - An Idea on Tactics

    A discussion on ENworld got me to thinking: what would combat stance rules look like in Modos RPG? I see them mostly as a close-combat tactical decision, so Im not sure that magic-users or shooters would use them. But

  • Goal-Based Level Ups

    This is a system for granting more character levels to PCs as they progress by achieving Goals. Achieving any goal awards an experience point (XP) to that PC, and a PC gains a character level after earning a number of XPs according to the following

  • End of Year Work

    2022 is coming faster than expected. The OSR rules are fun (and begging for new class creations and magic items), but theres something that Id like to wrap up before year-end. Its a good Halloween game,