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  • All the Rules

    Here they are, in all their unformatted glory! 98, by my count. Double digits, baby! Module Number Title Text 0 00 Rule Zero The Guide of Modos is the final arbiter of what happens in the game. 0 01 Campaign Theme Each game or campaign has a theme …

  • Smaller, lighter, faster!

    Had to axe some rules today, and move the Bonus Action rule to the Extended Conflict module, where it belongs. Rules (re-) removed: Light Levels Perk Tree Perk Substitution Level Points Perk Contest Limit

  • Happy Free RPG Day

    'Tis the season for giving - sweat as it happens. It's really hot here. But, it's Free RPG Day, so I've uploaded the Modos 2 Fast Play Rules to ENWorld.org. Grab your free copy and have a blast! Full game to be released before Summer ends. http://www. …