GM: Here’s your character sheet.

Nogan the Barbarian, level 1
A youth who found that the more he smashed things, the more he got his way. Now he’s considered next in line for his tribe’s leadership. Goal: lead tribe to greatness. Flaw: smashes things. Hero points: to add his anger to persuasion, or use anger in battle.
Physical: 13, bonus +1
Mental: 8, penalty -1
Metaphysical: 10, bonus 0
Skills: persuade +1
Perks: weapon training (warhammer)
Gear: loincloth, warhammer d10

PC: That’s my whole character? It doesn’t even take up a quarter of a “sheet.”

GM: You’ll want to use that extra space to write down notes about what your character learns and about his history as you come up with ideas. You will also want some room for your three damage pools, which are where you record your physical, mental, and metaphysical Damage. Don’t forget that you’ll get more skill points, attribute score points, and perks as you gain levels.

PC: Okay, so I’ll need some room. How much damage can I take? Will it kill my character?

GM: You can handle an amount of damage equal to each attribute score. If you take any more than that, you don’t die, but you do become Disabled and we’ll have a little chat about how to resolve that. It depends on what happens in the story.

PC: Well I’m ready to start!


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