PC: So how do I get priority on my actions?

GM: It’s your turn, so your actions happen first.

PC: But I only have one action left. That’s not a lot of priority.

GM: Do you want to delay your turn to next round, and start before the bear? Then you’d get your three actions for the next turn, but lose your last action this round.

PC: I’m doing that. So I start the next round with a three-hit combo. (Rolls physical and damage) 9, and 4 damage on the first action.

GM: The bear is still stunned from your shout (records the damage). What does this combo look like?

PC: It’s a whirling move, so I start with a slap to the bear’s face, and the warhammer will follow. (Rolls physical) 16, and (takes half) 5 damage. I’m combining that attack with the next one…

GM: The bear realizes that your shout didn’t mean “go away,” and it grunts and tries to paw you. (Rolls) 6 and 8 damage. What happens?

PC: It’s…not enough to stop my spin. (Records the damage.) I jump up, over the paw, and finish the combo in mid-air! The combined action gives me another 16, and (rolls damage) 10! Oh perfect!

GM: After the bear swings at thin air, it stands up to grab you. Your whirl finishes, hitting the bear’s head as it rises, stunning it. It wobbles a bit, turns away from you, and then gallops away into its cave.

PC: Can I attack it again? I’m out of actions this round.

GM: It used an action to flee on its turn. So, it turned and fled as you were landing your combo. You can chase it, obviously.

PC: I think I’ll

chase the bear into its cave.
climb into the fissure.


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