GM: Feeling bloodthirsty, huh? You enter the cave and immediately notice that your shadow blocks most of the light going into the cave. There’s the familiar stink of wildlife, and you hear the bear panting somewhere in the darkness.

PC: Yeah, my flaw drives me to want to smash the bear, or I’ll just be angry and have a vendetta.

GM: Take a hero point, then.

PC: Cool. Is it my turn? I guess I’ll have to use an action to spot the bear.

GM: Extended conflict ended when the bear fled. We’ll use simple conflict for now, if it comes up. You can’t see the bear, just some spots on the walls where sunlight manages to peek in.

PC: “Show yourself, fellow beast!” Do my ears tell me where it is?

GM: All you can tell from where you are now is that it’s somewhere ahead of you.

PC: Then I move forward, carefully listening for a change in direction.

GM: The cave descends slowly as you move forward about twenty feet. You notice the ground is a bit slippery, but it’s hard to see why here. It’s hard to see anything. But it’s easier to hear – you must have passed a corner, because the bear is clearly on your left now, and close!

PC: Agh! I swing at it!

GM: You hear an ear-shattering roar and see fur right next to you as you swing. Roll Physical, with a Challenging (-4) penalty for darkness. (Rolls an attack for the bear, with a two point penalty since the bear is also in darkness, but can see Nogan’s silhouette from its vantage point) 13.

PC: Probably a good time to get angry and use my hero point. (Rolls physical contest and d6 for the hero point, -4 for darkness) 12. No! I was so close!

GM: Con! The bear was going for your jugular. What happens?

PC: I’m not sure, since it was almost a Tie. Can I roll again?

GM: You can roll against your 12, but I wouldn’t want to get another Con at that point.

PC: I’m doing it. I can roll higher than 12. (Rolls physical) 4 plus 1 bonus is 5. That’s it, I’m dead.

GM: Really?

PC: No, but this is bad. I suppose I’ll

drop my warhammer and flee screaming, with fresh bear-gashes.
get mangled. That’s the most likely outcome, here.


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