GM: You escape into the rocky fissure. The gap is narrow, and climbing up, there are points where you can barely squeeze between the rocks and the small bushes that grow out of the cracks. However, the rock is rough and there are many hand- and footholds to use for leverage. As you start to climb out, you realize that someone is standing above you, and thrusting a spear at your face! Roll Physical to dodge. Your footing is terrible, which adds difficulty, but slipping back into the fissure would provide cover from the spear, which would improve your dodge. So, roll without Difficulty, since the conditions negate each other.

PC: Thank the spirits! Physical is (rolls d20 plus 1) 8.

GM: Pro. You realize, after dodging, that the attack wasn’t intended to hit you. The spear rests on your shoulder, and the chief stands above you.

PC: My eyes start getting bloodshot, as I consider forgiving the chief for messing with me.

GM: “Welcome to the end of the trial, Nogan. Know that as chief, when one trial ends, another begins. Did you finish the bear?”

PC: “I delivered a mortal wound.” With my signature move, hee hee.

GM: The chief places the Headdress of the Moon on your head. “Bring the pelt to me, and meet me back in the village.” He takes his spear and walks away.

PC: Great. I have to climb back down, now?

GM: Look on the bright side. The bear might have succumbed to its wound by the time you safely climb back down.

PC: I think the chief is trying to kill me. That climb was grueling.

GM: Well, we’ll wrap it up here for today. Next week, Nogan will have brought the pelt back, and can find out what the chief wants next. And we’ll get the other characters involved in the next quest.

PC: Fair enough. Thanks for the Guidance!

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