Modos 2 is the second edition of the light, modular, role-playing game: Modos RPG. It is a tabletop RPG for two or more players, with one player guiding the rules and the story, called the Guide of Modos or GM.

The base game is designed to free players from limitations. Players build their characters a la carte, personalize their attributes and skills, custom-design their own hero points, take actions whenever they want in combat, and decide for themselves if the last hit was “just a scratch” or a mortal wound. GMs build NPCs in seconds, reference just one table, and whip up conflicts using a universal, simple framework called Extended Conflict. But I digress…

This website supports the game by providing rules, links, FAQs, community-submitted modules, and current events regarding the game. When you “Enter the main hall,” you get to choose which RPG genre appeals to you most (past, present, or future) and then you’ll role-play your way to the site’s features.

If you’d like to skip all of this fluff and just get a free copy of the game, click here.

However, this game is community-supported, so please “Register here,” peruse the site, comment on the Adventure Log, and submit your adventures, rules, monsters, powers, or whatever cool stuff you’d like to share! If you need more access, send me a PM and let me know.

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