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Modos 2 is the second edition of the light, modular, role-playing game: Modos RPG. It is a tabletop RPG for two or more players, with one player guiding the rules and the story, called the Guide of Modos or GM.

With five short rules modules, players build their characters (or PCs) a la carte, personalize their attributes and skills, custom-design their own hero points, take actions whenever they want in combat, and decide for themselves what the damage caused by their opponent represents.

GMs build NPCs (non-player-characters) in seconds, reference just one table (called Difficulty), and whip up conflicts using a universal, simple framework called Extended Conflict.

Both PCs and GMs can expand and customize the game by using or creating modules. Modules can introduce rules, adventures, or new lists of things that make the game unique to your group of friends.

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