GM: In the blackness of teleportation, you get that odd sensation of going from the cold of absolute zero back to about ninety-five degrees, leaving you feeling a little cold. Then there’s the shock of being interrupted from a dream, even though you’re positive that you weren’t dreaming. You realize that you’re in a teleporter, and you’ve arrived at mid-day in a very busy dome. Clean, white walkways wind around clean, green lawns that break up the sight-lines of clean, windowless white buildings that take different shapes, all leading up to a tall temple in the center of it all. What do you do?

PC: Hmm. This seems pleasant. I know I have a mission to accomplish, but I can’t resist the urge to explore. Do you think anyone will object to that?

GM: Well, if you were going for stealth, the more that you explore is the more people who might notice you. Also, the longer you spend in one place, or dome, is the more time authorities have to react to you. But if you’re taking a more overt approach, then your only risk is not being home for Daily Cleansing when you said you would.

PC: Erm, what?

GM: Did I not mention some things? (Smirks) Daily Cleansing is when you use your shower, set on “sanitize” mode, to remove lethal germs gathered in the world outside your pod, and you watch peaceful, government-sponsored holo-videos while you do it. You’re allowed to miss up to two cleansings before the authorities come after you.

PC: Ah. So I’m in trouble if I’m not home by…(doing some math) two days from now?

GM: Well, you’ll be scheduled for re-education. The rumors are that it’s not good. And you have up until the morning after that.

PC: I can’t help it. My flaw is that I want to be normal, even if the galaxy needs saving. I shop around a bit.

GM: Okay. You gain a hero point, and wander off away from the temple. A holographic tour guide up ahead is explaining to some onlookers that there’s a museum row to the left, and shops and restaurants to the right.

PC: Ah, the carefree life of a tourist! I’ll go

left, to the museums.
right, to the shops.


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