GM: You choose the darkness. Roll physical if you want to avoid the attention of the tourists as you leave the path.

PC: Ugh, Physical. How about Mental? I want to time my departure just right, when the fewest people might see me.

GM: The rail is another obstacle to your sneaking, requiring you to vault it or dive under it. But you can choose: physical or mental. I’ll give you a hero point for using physical.

PC: Rolling physical…(roll d20 – 1) 15. Not bad!

GM: A kid notices your escape. “Mama!” you hear behind you. But the kid is quickly shushed by Mama.

PC: Thanks, Mama. What’s in the hut?

GM: When you step inside the darkness, a spiral-pattern on the floor glows dimly purple, and you see a tele-vessel sitting in the middle of the spiral and the hut. Power lines come in through the ceiling, weave a tangled mess out to the walls, and run along the floor into the tele-vessel.

PC: The secret’s going to be in there, if anywhere. Do I need to wait for a call? I use the tele-vessel.

GM: The world fades around you, and you stand on the empty parade ground beneath a massive temple. The huge temple doors are before you, and they shake like something is pushing them from inside. With each push, light trickles out from between them, cascading like snow. One other thing: there’s a 50-foot, stone, samurai-warrior standing between you and the doors.

PC: Um…

GM: “You are no monk. Choose to leave, or perish,” says the statue. Roll metaphysical to intimidate him. This would be a good time to use the Willpower skill…

PC: I’ll be taking that at level 2.

GM: …you can add a Difficulty bonus of 4 to your contest for each preparation you’ve made so far. Mental exercises, accepting the Sykkik offer, talking with the masked monk, and sneaking into the temple.

PC: 16 total? With that, I could do something “impossible.” Like intimidate a giant samurai. But, I don’t think I did each of those.

GM: What’s your contest result, then? You feel the gaze of the samurai pushing down on you, in a sort of soul-crushing way.

PC: I don’t think taking half will be enough for this. (Roll d20) it’s…

more than 22!
less than 23!


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