GM: The citizen is wearing the standard, white citizen’s robe, but he has bandages covering his face. He notices you and stops to nod your way. Then you feel something break your psychic barrier, and you hear, “the Circle is not finished with you, Misinix. We will be in touch.”

PC: Can I talk back in my head?

GM: Your studies suggest that you can.

PC: “I am the great Misinix…”

GM: The bandaged citizen disappears behind the hut.

PC: “…Yarwol, savior of…” oh. I guess I’m leaving then.

GM: Ninety moons shine down on you as you leave. You feel that you are a part of a larger picture, but it’s hard to see that picture from where you stand. How’s that for a solo session?

PC: I’ll take it. Same time next week?

GM: Yep. But you can add a skill point to Magic (Sleep 1) or to another skill that would have been helpful today. And of course, you’ll get your hero point back.

PC: Can I get two hero points?

GM: When you reach level 2 you can. I’ll reward you with a skill point or perk or attribute point here and there, but I want to leave hero points tied to your level for now. You’ll get another character level when you achieve a significant goal, which didn’t happen tonight.

PC: I had to ask! Okay, see ya later!

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