GM: That’s a (takes half on Difficulty contest). . . (pause for effect) . . . Pro! How do you rebuke the samurai?

PC: Oh, thank the Universe. I, um, collapse to one knee under the gaze of the statue. But then little wisps of resolution percolate in the air around me, and as they spin faster, I feel the good fortune of my preparations granting me strength. Then, a mind-pulse shoots from my forehead, bending reality in a ring, and the samurai crumbles.

GM: That’s awesome. And given that this place is partially made of your imagination, that’s exactly what happens. The doors of the temple swing open, and a blinding wave of knowledge washes over you.

PC: I hope the secret is in that knowledge, somewhere.

GM: Oh, it is. There’s also a Knowledge (scholarship) skill point in it for you, and you can earmark that point as applying to anything monk – or psychic – related.

PC: I’ll take it. Is that mission accomplished, then?

GM: Yeah, getting back to your pod is pretty mundane compared to what just happened. Let’s call it here, and you can link back up with the rest of your comrades next week.

PC: Can’t wait!

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