GM: (Takes half on the Difficulty contest) Con. You feel a weakness in your soul, and a trembling somewhere that suggests if the samurai does any more pushing, you’ll be crushed. What do you do?

PC: So I can’t beat the statue?

GM: Don’t ask me! I’m just here to tell you about a giant statue waiting to crush your puny, weakling aspect.

PC: My life flashes before my eyes. Being a little star-elf-baby, that time I dropped the ectoplasm in science class, digging into my first ancient tome as an apprentice psion . . . I project some of this, to make the statue feel bad for me.

GM: It occurs to you that ending the call would be safer than getting crushed. But if you want to make another contest against the statue, you can have the + 2 role-playing bonus.

PC: I think my flaw is kicking in. Seeing my life flash before my virtual eyes has made me want to withdraw to the safety, the mundanity of the real world. So I end the call.

GM: Is mundanity a word? Anyway, that’s not entirely bad for you, but you still gain a hero point. What is entirely bad is that you took too long deciding, and now the stone samurai has drawn its 20-foot, stone sword. Which is about to cut you in half – roll mental to end the call before something bad happens!

PC: Argh, stupid daydreams! (Roll d20) 4. Plus 2, if I still get that role-playing bonus.

GM: (Rolls Difficulty contest of d20 + 8) Con. The last thing you “see” is a pillar of stone somehow cutting you in half. Then everything goes black.

PC: What!? Am I dead?

GM: There’s no game rule for dead. Since your psychic projection died, let’s call it Catatonic.

PC: That’s a Disabled condition, huh? That’s better than being dead.

GM: Yes it is. When you realize what’s going on, you can’t move. You’re in re-education, which means your head is stuck in a VR helmet, and your hands and feet are locked into Experiencers. You have vague memories of aimlessly wandering outside the Temple while Catatonic, until the authorities picked you up.

PC: That stinks! So, what happens?

GM: You gain an additional Flaw: “Re-Educated.” You can bring it up whenever you might have a traumatic flashback or change your mind to what the authorities would want you to think. Otherwise, you’re back at your pod.

PC: What happens if I just ignore the flaw?

GM: Well, that would be hard, because I can bring it up, too. But getting it removed might be another Goal for you to consider.

PC: Sounds good. Until then, I’ll have to earn as many hero points with it as I can! Thanks for a good game.

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