PC: “What is your special request, Shadowy One?”

GM: Several of the orange pedestals rise up high above you, creating the illusion of being in a hall, or a dense forest of very tall trees. You now feel very isolated – alone with this figure. “Your first task for the Circle is to travel to Arswhere Beta, to the temple of Ninety Moons, and discover what the monks have learned about Neurapse Wavefinding.”

PC: (Writing carefully) how do I spell that?

GM: Don’t worry. Your character would be able to spell it if necessary. The important thing here is whether you accept or reject the figure’s request, which involves interstellar travel and theft of monastic secrets. Unless you think you can persuade them to give up their secrets?

PC: I’ll think of something. It does sound like a bit of a journey though, especially for an initiate like myself. Can I buy a plane ticket?

GM: It would be expensive, time-consuming, and dangerous. Also, you have a credit account at your homeworld bank. So you can buy a lot, on credit.

PC: Well, even if I turn him down, I bet that information would have significant value. “Will I receive any assistance from the Sykkik Circle in this endeavor?”

GM: The figure wavers in front of you, dark and shapeless. “Your success, without assistance, will establish your worthiness to join the Circle.”

PC: Well that settles it. I’ll go to Arswhere Beta…

and accept the request.
and reject the request.


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