GM: You go to the museum row, and it is something to behold! At street level, everything is clean and plain, just people walking around in white togas with white shopping bags. But a little higher, over everyone’s heads, is the row of marquees, where video screens and holograms do everything they can to draw your attention and invite you into each museum. It’s very chaotic, given the variety of attractions, but it seems more like today’s channel-surfing than a simple listing of museum names and exhibits. Anyway, as you explore, noticing the different people and aliens who are exploring with you, you notice that someone behind you has a good amount of cloth covering his or her face – possibly bandages. The reason you notice is that this person is getting progressively closer to you, unlike most everyone else.

PC: Ugh, I’ve already been discovered? I should’ve covered my face, too. I’d better get to the temple before anyone else starts following me. But first I need to deal with this tail. Should I use my sleep power on him? Or I could confront him in the crowd. At least there would be witnesses in that case.

GM: It’s your choice. Don’t forget that you’re level 1 though – an “amateur.” Most other people will be better at what they do than you are, as level 2 professionals.

PC: I hope he’s not an assassin, then! Who else is level 1, like me?

GM: Kids, students, simple robots – like your roombot. I think your cat is level 1, too.

PC: Great. Nowhere to go but up. I’m better than my cat, though; I have a hero point! But I’m not using it yet. I’ll…

knock him out with Sleep.
confront him in public.


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